The United Townships of Head, Clara and Maria

2018 Agenda & Reports to Council

Tuesday, September 11, 2018
Council Agenda - Sept. 11, 2018pdf icon3.48KB
Council Minutes - June 12, 2018pdf icon13.33KB
Council Minutes - June 20, 2018pdf icon9.03KB
Council Minutes - July 24, 2018pdf icon9.56KB
Rec Committee Minutes - June 20, 2018pdf icon27.05KB
Sept. 11, 2018 - Petitions - Harvey Creek Road and Rail Trailpdf icon53.76KB
Report background - Deputation for Harvey Creek Roadpdf icon8.55KB
Correspondence - September 11, 2018pdf icon1.97MB
Clerk's Report - September 11, 2018pdf icon10KB
Clerk's Report - OFM 2019 Regulationspdf icon9.61KB
Admin Assistant's Report - Sept. 11, 2018pdf icon2.26KB
Budget Report - to September 7, 2018pdf icon29.26KB
By-Law 2018-18 to Adopt Council Code of Conduct, Council-Staff Relationship Policy, and the Integrity Commissioners Protocol - both pre and post March 1, 2019pdf icon2.59KB
Report to Council - Bill 68 Changespdf icon9.1KB
Bill 68 Policy - Council Code of Conductpdf icon30.56KB
Bill 68 Policy - Council Staff Relations Policypdf icon25.59KB
Bill 68 Policy - Pre March 1, 2019 Integrity Commissioner Protocolpdf icon33.28KB
Bill 68 Policy Post March 1, 2019 Integrity Commissioner Protocolpdf icon39.32KB
By-Law 2018-19 - To govern and regulate Off Road Vehicle Use on Municipal Roadspdf icon4.9KB
Appendix to By-Law 2018-19pdf icon4.23KB
Report to Council - ATV By-Lawpdf icon8.97KB
ATV By-law Supporting Documentationpdf icon9.19KB
ATV By-Law Supporting Documentationpdf icon17.71KB
By-Law 2018-20 to Govern the Use of Snowmobiles in Head, Clara & Mariapdf icon3.22KB
Report to Council - Snowmobile By-lawpdf icon8.99KB
By-Law 2018-21 to appoint and Elections Compliance Audit Committeepdf icon2.3KB
Elections Compliance Audit Committee Terms of Referrencepdf icon6.18KB
Report to Council - Elections Compliance Audit Reportpdf icon8.39KB
Elections Compliance Audit Committee - supporting documentationpdf icon2.43MB
Elections Compliance Audit Committee Supporting documentationpdf icon42.24KB
Elections Compliance Audit Committee Supporting Documentationpdf icon42.24KB
Report to Council - Legal Counsel Report and Action Planpdf icon9.03KB
Wishart E4M Report to Council - July 24, 2018pdf icon1.16MB
Report to Council - Algonquin Trail UPdatepdf icon8.64KB
Update on Rail Trail - News Articlepdf icon25.19KB
Report to Council - Waste Management Reviewpdf icon9.46KB
Waste Mgmt Review - Supporting documentationpdf icon10.75KB
Report to Council - Strategic Plan and Election Questionspdf icon21.39KB
By-Law 2018-22 Confirmation By-Law September 11, 2018pdf icon4.66KB
Tuesday, May 15, 2018