The United Townships of Head, Clara and Maria

Candidate Questions and Answers

Updated: 2 weeks ago - Created: July 10th, 2018

In order to ensure that all candidates receive the same information, if a question is posed of municipal staff, the question and answer will be posted on this page.  No question is a bad question if you don't know the answer.  It could cost you your seat.

How do we account for the gas we use while campaigning when completing our financial reports?

  • The most simple solution would be to determine a mileage rate to use for all campaign related expenses.  Track your mileage while conducting election related business and allocate the appropriate rate. This will account for gas and wear and tear on your vehicle.

When does the Grant of Permission and Acknowledgement & Consent Release of Personal Information form need to be filed by?

  • This form should be filed in the municipal office as soon as possible once you have filed your nomination paper.