The United Townships of Head, Clara and Maria


Updated: 11 months ago - Created: April 15th, 2016

Head, Clara and Maria's Recreation Advisory Committee consists of many hard working and dedicated volunteers. The Recreation Advisory Committee hosts events throughout the year in efforts to raise money to be put back into our community through improvements to our parks, boat launches, municipal building and grounds. If you are interested in becoming a member please contact the Municipal Office at 613-586-2526. Meetings are open to the public; please check the municipal calendar for dates and times.

Lending Hub

The County of Renfrew is one of 45 communities across Ontario taking part in the Healthy Kids Community Challenge (HKCC). The Challenge unites communities with a common goal of promoting children’s health through healthy eating and physical activity. Physical Activity Equipment Lending Hubs were created with the mission of eliminating barriers to physical activity, increasing availability and access to physical activity opportunities for everyone, providing opportunities to try new physical activities and improving flexibility of equipment pick up and drop off.

The United Townships of Head, Clara and Maria was successful in obtaining funding through the Healthy Kids Community Challenge to purchase:

Stand Up Paddleboards



Volley Ball/ Badminton Set

Hockey Nets


Life Jackets

A variety of balls and smaller sports equipment

All of this equipment is available to borrow at no cost, for up to a week at a time. Reservations can be made by calling the office at 613-586-2526 or emailing; book in advance to avoid disappointment. A waiver must be signed, and ID provided.

A big thank you to all those working on the Healthy Kids Community Challenge. Our Lending Hub has received wonderful feedback, is used regularly and has surpassed our expectations. A thank you to HCM Rec Committee who has purchased additional equipment for the Lending Hub as a result of increasing equipment demands.

Parks and Boat Launches

The Corportion of the United Townships of Head, Clara & Maria have in the past years, made great strides in working with volunteers and municipal staff to make improvements to our community for the enjoyment and recreation of our residents and visitor's alike.  

By partnering with various federal and provincial ministries and special funding organizations, we have worked to leverage existing funds through grant opportunities.

Thank you to the Federal Government through its Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Fund for support for improvements to Old Mackey Park through new washrooms, solar lighting, pathways and waste receptacles.  Without funding such as through these programs, projects such as ours would not be possible.

“With support through the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program/Avec l’appui du Programme d’infrastructure communautaire de Canada 150.”

Throughout this process we have managed to participate in some awesome Canada and Ontario 150 projects which have resulted in improvements to our three boat launches - in Deux Rivieres, Stonecliffe and Mackey.  We have also made changes to our facilities at Old Mackey Park at the end of Jennings Road in Mackey.  The Recreation Committee has plans to make further improvements to Lacroix Park in Deux Rivieres.

Children's areas have been installed at the Municipal property in Stonecliffe and at Old Mackey Park.

Washrooms, lighting and pathways have been improved at Old Mackey Park.

Boat launches have seen improved washrooms, lighting and waste containers; along with new docks to aid in launching boats to enjoy the Ottawa River.

Thank you to those who have contributed to the fundraising activities which have occured over the past years.

A special thank you also to the various government organizations which have supported our activities.

Recreation and Sub-Committee Meetings

The newly founded Recreation Advisory Committee will hold meetings on the first Monday of the month, when needed, at 1:00 p.m. at the Municipal Hall in Stonecliffe. As these meetings are of committees of Council, they are open to the public Everyone is welcome.

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