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Updated: 2 years ago - Created: April 15th, 2016

Head, Clara and Maria's Recreation Committee consists of many hard working and dedicated volunteers. "HCM Rec Committee" hosts events throughout the year in efforts to raise money to be put back into our community through improvements to our parks, boat launches, municipal building and grounds. If you are interested in becoming a Recreation Committee member please contact the Municipal Office at 613-586-2526. Meetings are held the third Wednesday night of each month and are open to the public. 

Recreation and Sub-Committee Meetings

The newly founded Recreation Committee will hold meetings on the third Wednesday of the month, when needed, at 6:00 p.m. at the Municipal Hall in Stonecliffe.  As these meetings are of committees of Council, they are open to the public.  Everyone is welcome.

Council Agenda - Social Programming Committeepdf icon4.59KB
Council Minutes - Social Programming Committeepdf icon4.59KB
Council Minutes - March 27 - Social Programming Meetingpdf icon3.15KB
Terms of Reference - Social Programming Committeepdf icon16.77KB
Rec Committee - Agenda - June 3, 2014pdf icon4.38KB
Rec Committee Minutes - June 3, 2014pdf icon3.24KB
Rec Committee Agenda - July 30, 2014pdf icon1.36KB
Rec Committee Minutes - July 30, 2014pdf icon4.47KB
Music Fest Sub Committee Minutes - August 13, 2014pdf icon7.98KB
Rec Committee Agenda - Aug. 20, 2014pdf icon1.5KB
Rec Committee minutes - Aug. 20, 2014pdf icon11.38KB
Rec Committee - Sept. 17pdf icon4.94KB
Rec Committee - October 15, 2014pdf icon3.78KB
Rec Committee - November 19, 2014pdf icon4.35KB
Rec Committee - December 17, 2014pdf icon4.34KB
Rec Committee - January 21, 2015pdf icon5KB
Rec Committee - February 18, 2015pdf icon5.39KB
Rec Committee - March 26, 2015pdf icon4.35KB
Rec Committee - April 15,2015pdf icon4.48KB
Rec Committee - May 20, 2015pdf icon6.19KB
Rec Committee - July 15, 2015pdf icon4.79KB
50/60's Sub Committee Meeting Minutes - April 16, 2015pdf icon14.31KB
50/60's Sub Committee Meeting Minutes - May 26, 2015pdf icon14.62KB
50/60's Sub Committee Meeting Minutes - July 16, 2015pdf icon14.31KB
50/60s Dance Minutes - August 19, 2015pdf icon16.3KB
Canada Day - April Organization List pdf icon12.12KB
Canada Day Minutes - April 8, 2015pdf icon6.6KB
Canada Day Sub Committee Meeting Minutes - April 20, 2015pdf icon8.85KB
Canada Day Sub Committee Meeting Minutes - May 1, 2015pdf icon7.73KB
Canada Day Sub Committee Meeting Minutes - June 15, 2015pdf icon15.38KB
St. Patrick's Day Summarypdf icon7.04KB
St. Patrick's Sub Committee Meeting Minutes - February 9, 2015pdf icon9.25KB
St. Patrick's Sub Committee Meeting Minutes - March 2, 2015pdf icon8.69KB
Rec. Committee - August 19, 2015pdf icon5.32KB
Rec. Committee - September 16, 2015pdf icon4.86KB
Rec. Committee - October 21, 2015pdf icon4.31KB
Rec. Committee - October 28, 2015pdf icon4.2KB
Rec. Committee Draft budget for 2016pdf icon5.3KB
Rec. Committee - January 12, 2016pdf icon30.16KB
Rec. Committee - February 17, 2016pdf icon25.54KB
Rec. Committee - March 16, 2016pdf icon21.45KB
Rec. Committee - May 18, 2016pdf icon27.23KB
Rec. Committee - July 20, 2016pdf icon41.76KB
Rec. Committee - August 17, 2016pdf icon27.73KB
Rec. Committee - September 21, 2016pdf icon26.1KB
Rec. Committee - December 7, 2016pdf icon13.58KB
Rec. Committee - January 18, 2017pdf icon13.3KB
Rec. Committee - February 15, 2017pdf icon13.15KB
Rec. Committee - March 15, 2017pdf icon13.52KB
Rec. Committee - April 19, 2017pdf icon14.28KB
Rec. Committee - May 17, 2017pdf icon13.38KB
Rec. Committee - July 19, 2017pdf icon13.5KB
Senior/Intergenerational Program 2015-2016

Head, Clara and Maria was successful in obtaining grant funding for a Senior/Intergenerational Program through the Ontario Senior's Secretariat. Programming started in October 2015 and continued until April 2016 with a variety of different workshops and seminars.